2018 Reading Challenge, Part Deux

I was afraid I was falling behind. Goodreads suggested I read two books a week to get caught up, and I wasn’t managing it.

Wuthering Heights took forever to read. Five days. I enjoyed it, but how am I going to get caught up at that pace?

The family also took 9 days vacation. With all the driving, sleeping, watching kids, etc., I read nothing more than museum pamphlets and Google Maps.

I still managed to do alright.

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Seth Godin is Wrong, Your Brain is Right

The brain

Seth Godin is wrong.

I am a Seth Godin fan, so that took a moment to click.

Of course, he’s right in a lot of ways. But in one specific thing, he’s wrong. Right enough for daily use, but still wrong.

I was listening to the audio book version of “The Icarus Deception” when I heard him talking about embarrassment and fear of doing something new. How the amygdala is wired to protect us from being an outlier, from stepping out, because of the potential of death. Continue reading “Seth Godin is Wrong, Your Brain is Right”