What Am I Even Doing? Becoming A Better Me.

Why am I here?

There was a personal emergency. A few friends and family were trying to help someone get through the crisis. As the conversation went on, talk went from the immediate emergency to what to do next.

There was a lot of good advice. Avoid owning a car (in this specific case). Start putting money away now so if the same thing happens 6 months from now, you will have options. Plan to move to a bigger city with more opportunities. All drawn from several perspectives.

After we had been tossing ideas around for a few hours, somebody said “Why didn’t you tell me that when I was 20?” Somebody else agreed that these ideas could have saved them plenty of money and stress.

We can learn a lot talking to others, or reading, or just trying stuff. I talk to others about stuff all the time. I read a lot. I try stuff. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t. Sometimes it works out even better than I imagined. I’ve also learned that I only have so much time to make mistakes. It’s very helpful to learn from other people and their mistakes.

There are things I wish more people knew. And there are things that people seem hardwired to believe, until you prove it. And there are a lot of things I believe, but want to try for myself. Like the idea that talent doesn’t exist.

If that’s true, if there’s no such thing as talent, that blows things wide open. How would that affect your life if you could be good at whatever you wanted. Maybe not Malcolm Gladwell style 10,000 hours good. But good enough to have fun, improve your life, make a little money, whatever.

What can you expect to see?

This website is a resource to help people do better than I did. Posts will be a combination of things I’ve learned and things I’ve tried. So really things I’ve learned.

I have a few challenges/experiments lined up over the coming months to prove or disprove things I’ve read about. When I finish one, I’ll post the details, my results, and how you can replicate or avoid my example.

Other posts will be things that I really wish I had known when I was in my 20s. And while I have a strong interest in personal finance, that will probably go on its own site.

My goal for this site is to provide actionable information. Things that I am doing, and that you can choose to apply to your own life. Not everything will be interesting to everybody. I hope that some people get something useful.